Halloween skull makeup

by Faye Knows Best2nd October 2016

Halloween skull make up tutorial

1. Here’s what you need:
White face paint, black face paint, black gel liner, black kohl liner, white/ light liner pencil, black eyeshadow (you only need the black, not all the palette colours in the picture), your regular makeup, a variety of make up brushes, (fake blood is optional).
2. Apply regular foundation across your whole face, and apply mascara to your left lashes only. Use your light pencil liner to draw out the sections as shown. I used ‘Eye Bright’ by Benefit, but any light colour will do as it will be covered over by the face paint.
3. Use the white face paint to shade in.
4. Follow by shading in the black areas with face paint including your ear so it disappears into the background.
5. Use a gel liner to draw a ‘smile line’ up towards your ear.
6. Use gel liner to draw vertical lines that will shape your teeth. It’s important to use gel liner rather than face paint in order it blends.
7. Add a ‘v’ to the end of each tooth line to start defining their shape.
8. Blend the ‘v’ shapes into something longer to make the triangle root points of the teeth. So draw the top row up and the bottom row down. Add some depth to your skull by drawing in some random lines. Shade using black eyeshadow and a bullet pointed brush.
9. Use kohl liner on your lower lash line to ensue the blackness sits all the way up to your eye.
10. Shade out your jaw line on the right hand side only using back face paint.
11. Apply regular make up to the left side of your face.
14. You want it to be as girly as possible to gain the contrast against the skull so be sure to add lippy and lashes. A smokey eye won’t work here as you won’t get the same effect as you would using prettier and softer look.
15. Add some fake blood to your left eye if you like the effect of bloody tears.

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