Sort yo’ suede

by Faye Knows Best24th April 2016

One of the principles of this blog is why buy new if you can make good something you already own. It’s helpful to your bank balance, and is the right thing for the planet too. You can be fashion and kind too y’know. So this article shows that reviving your suede is fast and a dose of fabulous.

I love my precious suede Prada flats as they have suited many an occasion – comfortable to wear every day, but pretty enough to pass for parties. I’ve kind of worn them to death though and they’ve been in need of some care. A scrub of a suede brush is helpful, but hasn’t revived them with the results I have been hoping for. So today I tried something new and I’m delighted with the difference it has made so here’s how you can try it too.

What you’re going to need:

Task ingredients

  • A pair of suede shoes
  • A suede brush
  • Suede renovation spray – in the right colour to match your shoe. Approx £5.00
  • Newspaper (not pictured)

Get your brush right – when you think of a suede brush you might imagine the wire type similar to the one in the right on the below picture. However, these brushes can be too harsh so I recommend you go for a gentler rubber type like the one on the left.

Suede brushes

Us the brush across the whole of the shoe, and ensure any dirt is lifted.

Brush prep

(Assuming the weather is suitable) you’ll want to undertake the next step outside. Before starting to spray the shoe you should first of all place some newspaper underneath and also inside the shoe. I didn’t do this and it was a lesson learnt! I’ve left a big black stain on my decking.


Hold the can around 20cm away from the shoe and lightly spray all over. The improvement is immediate, with your revival beinmg immediate.


Place the shoe indoors and allow to dry. The picture shows the difference between the shoe sprayed on the right against the other which isn’t.

Before and after

You may wish to give a further brush up once the shoes are dry. And finally here’s why you need to fill your shoes with paper before spraying – was inevitable it was going to go inside the shoes.!

Stuff your shoes

Finally. this article summarises my experience and does not replace the manufacturers instructions – please always follow those carefully x

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