Shakespeare 400

by Faye Knows Best23rd April 2016

Shakespeare quote

In school Shakespeare seemed a strange and foreign language thrust upon us against our will by insistent adults who were convinced it would enhance our lives. I fought for a little while trying hard to unscramble these unfamiliar prose. What use were these strange old worldly theatrical tales to be in my life? I’m so glad I perservered and I lernt to love this beautiful gift left with us all those hundereds of years ago.

I have many favourite quotes I could share in celebration of this anniversary, but I have selected this one as it was my lightbulb ‘I get this Shakespeare shizz now’ moment whilst studying Romeo and Juliet as a teenager. Many more on my lips are relevant still today, which proves relevance and that this beyond-quality writing has stood the test of time.

Pull out your Skakespeare text and remind yoursef of your favourite moments from the vast library available to us.

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