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by Faye Knows Best23rd October 2015

I know that gardening isn’t at the top of the list for many girls, but we all love pretty surroundings so a little effort can go a long way. You reap what you sow and all that. Autumn is when you need to get planting your bulbs ready for them flowering in the spring time. Pretty flowers in February means planting in October. This is a supremely easy thing to be doing, is low cost, quick, and brings great benefits so no excuses not to give this one a go please.
bulbs what you need
To get flowers in the spring you need to plant your bulbs in the early autumn to allow time to produce their new roots before the winter sets in. So there’s no better time than now.

All you need do is find an area of soil which suits you: even if you only have a small outdoor space or a window box, this is a project you can achieve. Bulbs can go straight into the ground if you have a garden – just ensure the hole you dig is three to four times as deep as the bulb itself. So a larger bulb is going to need digging deeper than a smaller one.
Faye planting trowel
You can buy a whole list of different types of bulbs from supermarkets these days for as little as £3.00 a box so that’s a simple and convenient place for you to start. And then next winter if you’re feeling more confident you could take a trip to the local garden centre to see a better range of grey quality bulbs. A pair of gardening gloves isn’t necessary, but will save grubby fingers and damage to your mani.

If you don’t have a garden space then you can fill any kind of pot with some soil or compost and place them in there. Fill the pot almost to the top with your compost, arrange the bulbs and then cover them with a layer of compost. If you are not sure which is the top and which is the bottom of the bulb, plant it on its side and the stem will find its own way up. Once bulbs are planted in your pots (or ground) you need to water them well and then await their appearance in the spring time. I got these lovely tin can style Ben De Lisi pots and have been dying to use them. Ceramic doesnt always do brilliantly in the cold weather though so if it does snow I will pop them in the shed.
Bulbs in pots
I have experienced a whole crop of my lovingly planted bulbs being dug up and ruined by pesky squirrels, so my one tip for you is to place some kind of covering over your pot or ground until the shoots begin to show – this could be netting, chicken wire or just a large stone balanced across the rim of your pot like in the pic above. You’ll be glad you did when they try and come digging for your floral treasures!

Now stand back and await spring time…

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