Pug cup cakes!

by Faye Knows Best1st October 2015

Here I’ve combined two of my favourite things: pugs and cake. Who doesn’t love pugs? Who doesn’t love a pug you can actually eat??

Wow the girls in the office by decorating up some of these super-cute pug cup cakes. They’re surprisingly simple to do and the best thing is you don’t even need to be a baker! If you want to make the cake element yourself please follow my ‘Best buns EVER!’ post for the recipe, but if your time is too precious (or you’re feeling slack) you can always buy pre baked buns and then follow the below to decorate them up.

Here’s what you need:
A block of white ready rolled icing (or an off-white/ beige shade if available)
A small piece of black icing
An even smaller piece of red icing
Three teaspoons of coffee (if using white icing)
A little icing sugar to dust your rolling pin
Pug ingredients
It can actually be very tricky to colour icing well – it often ends up too runny and sticky, and then you just make rolling it out impossible for yourself. My red attempts always seem pink; and I can’t get the true black I want, and am often left with a weak charcoal grey. So my advice is to buy icing that is already the colour you need. Or only colour it yourself if it’s a very subtle colour you’re going for, as is in this recipe.

If you are using white icing you first of all need to use the coffee to colour it. Do this by adding a very small amount of water to your coffee and stir until the granules are dissolved.
Pugs coffee colouring prep

Flatten out your icing slightly and pour this coffee mix into the middle of it and the fold the sides of the icing over the top.

Pugs coffee colouring
Start to knead the icing to mix the coffee through until you get an even colour.

Pugs mix base icing colour

Use a little loose icing sugar to dust down your rolling pin and work surface then begin to roll out some of your beige icing as thinly as you can without it splitting. Once flattened use a circular cutter to press out the pugs’ face bases.
Pugs cut out face bases
You now need to create a series of shapes for the facial features. For each of your pugs you need: three black triangles, two beige sausages, a black sausage, a black boomerang and a red tear drop. Then for the eyes you need two black balls, two smaller white balls and then another two black balls which are even smaller. Then flatten all of the balls in to disc shapes. It’s easiest if you use my picture as a guide for all of these.
Pugs face feature shapes
Take the boomerang shapes and detail it by marking in a nose and nostrils using a cocktail stick.
Pug nose marking
Arrange each of your feature shapes onto the face bases. You may need a little water to help them stick together.
Pug face arrangement

Keep adding pieces to build up your faces.

Pugs apply tongues

Once complete place each face base onto one of your buns. And there you have it, your own litter of edible pugs!

Pug complete single

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