Proto-col collagen shots

by Faye Knows Best19th September 2015

When I was in Thailand earlier this year I spotted a whole heap of so-called ‘beauty drinks’ on the shelves. There were literally dozens of different mini bottles all claiming to make you look good. I was keen to understand how they’d captured beauty in a bottle – could this be the fabled elixir of youth? I was dying to try one to see what results I might gain in my few wekks out there. Alas, my lack of Thai language skills coupled with my food allergies meant I didn’t dare try it, as even the draw of youthful skin couldn’t outweigh my fear of an allergic reaction.

So fast forward to me being back in Blightly when I was invited to try Proto-col Collagen Shots c/o the producers. When I heard about these – and could read the ingredients in English! – I was delighted to give them a try at last. The routine is simple – you get a box of mini bottles (about the same kind of size as your probiotic yogurt drinks) and you gulp one down each morning, and await results.

The bottle tells me each drink contains 5000mg of a bioactive collagen peptide which is clinically proven to visibally reduce wrinkles and also improve skin elasticity, so I’m hopeful of the results this might achieve.

The drinks are a fruity berry flavour and actually taste really good – I’m fearful of these types of things tasting like medicine, but they really don’t. I tried the drinks for ten days, but would recommend you use for four weeks or more to truly see what results can be achieved.

The picture above shows the results after my ten days of using the drinks. (Don’t hate on the morning make-up-free pics). Both pictures were taken in the same spot at the same time of day, and I think you can see a noticeable difference in my eye area after this short time. My face looks like it has had a glass of water, or a very effective facial treatment. My skin looks brighter, tighter and a whole lot less puffier.

I’m thrilled at the thought of the results which I might achieve if I were to use these drinks for a longer period of time. I’ve never been a big fan of needles (but not opposed to any kind of beauty treatment, surgical or otherwise) so this felt like I was making myself beautiful from the inside out and in a pain-free way. Topical creams can certainly make a difference to the appearance of wrinkles, but these drinks have an effect on the collagen metabolism in the dermis, so reach a different level than a cream could.

If you’re serious about making an improvement to your skin, and want to do in a simple and pain-free way I’d recommend you give these mini miracles a try. They’re suitable for both men and women. A pack of ten-day supply will cost you around £35.00 and is available from the Proto-col website.

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