Last minute wedding gift required?

by Faye Knows Best22nd August 2015

We are within the peak of the year – wonderful wedding season. There’s little I adore more than a party, and one that’s topped with a dollop of love can’t be beaten. However, I’ve never really got along too well with wedding lists – the only item I could afford from the last one I was presented with was a sole saucer which was part of some giant blue butterfly tea set. Whilst I’m happy to contribute to whatever the happy couple select as being desirable for their future, a single cup holder just doesn’t seem the thoughtful, romantic gift I want to send my mates off into married life with.

So here I am daring you to go ‘off list’ by supplying your own little gift to the newly weds. These super-cute little Alessi tea spoons cover all bases as form the traditional ‘here’s something practical to start your new life together’ home gift; the on-trend Alessi product which is designer without being too flash or formal; is heart shaped so completely fitting with the day’s theme; your couple will use on a daily basis so brings a happy memory refresh each morning they make their coffee; will last much longer than a bottle of champagne.

And finally if you’re not already sold, you can find online for approximately £20.00 so you’re fixing their morning coffee without breaking your bank.

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