by Faye Knows Best16th August 2015

I kind of think soup is what you need to be making for your packed lunches right now. I can’t actually think of any negatives with it as you get to make it all in one batch, it’s healthy and nutritious, and it’s cheap. So here’s some more soupspiration for you. This one was named ‘Magic soup’ by my darling friend Jo as she loves it so much.

What you need: Four onions, sweet potato,butternut squash, garlic, ginger, tin of coconut milk

Take all of the ingredients in the picture and peel and chop – be sure to remove the skin and seeds from the squash. Boil all of the vegetables up in one pan. Once the ingredients are soft (after around ten minutes or more), take off the heat and empty in the tin of coconut milk. Blitz the ingredients and serve immediately, or portion of separately ready to freeze for future lunches.



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