Create vanilla sugar

by Faye Knows Best16th August 2015

Here’s a really simple gift idea for the foodie friend in your life. You may have seen me make this on Channel 4’s SuperScrimpers Challenge where the over-spending couple I worked with requested I come up with a simple budget present for a food lover which they could make at home.

1. Find a clean, empty glass jar. This one is from Ikea and cost less than £1.00, but it’d be even better if you used a recycled one. Place some regular granulated sugar in the bottom.

Vanilla start

2. Take two vanilla pods and slice them lengthways. You might wish to shop around for these as prices vary hugely – you can get them for approx £2.00, but easily be invited to spend over £5.00.

Vanilla slicing

3. Place the sliced vanilla into the jar on top of the sugar.

Vanilla sugar top up

4. Seal the jar and place a little gift tag on to it.

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