Best Test: Lip Voltage

by Faye Knows Best16th August 2015
Whilst I’m mostly very happy with the way I look, I only need flash the smallest of smiles and my top lip all but disappears. I’ve enviously peered at the perfect pouts of celebrities, but my life-long fear of needles means collagen injections are a no-go for me. I always believed luscious lips would be a forever dream for me…
So when I heard about a new lip product called Lip Voltage that gave a collagen boost without the need for needles I knew right there it was the lip life-partner I’d been waiting for. Like every story of true romance, my love was unavailable at first approach, but I agreed to wait. For as long as it would take. I had got this far in life without it so what was a short time more? But boy did I wait, for, like, months.
But finally the day of reckoning arrived and I nervously waited at the window for my big arrival. I was anxious about my first time – would we be compatible? What would it feel like? Would anyone notice a difference in me?
I need not have worried as Voltage immediately delivered on our first lip locking session.
The product comes in two parts: the gloss applicator and a second small tube; to activate the product you combine the two. You only need add one drop to the gloss, mix for 20 seconds and apply like you would any other lip product; then hold your breath and get ready for the tingle… The product contains a peptide and collagen, and a great big dose of zing – enough to send shivers down your spine.
Be sure to read and follow the instructions yourself, and never ever apply the drops directly to your lips.
A few pumps of the gloss and several minutes of semi-painful tingle later, the product delivered me a rosy pair of plumped up lips. My new love was totally worth the wait and will be a long-term partner for me. My only wish is it were a little less painful, but you know what they say – love hurts.

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